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2013 NAACP 104TH Convention in Orlando, Florida
NAACP Members 
National  Association of Advancement for Colored People Members
2013 Armed Services & Veterans Affairs  
NAACP Mr. Joe Wynn
NABVETS Legislative Liaison Washington, DC 
with Author Ronald A. Lindsey
See video on an invitation to the White House on November 16, 2011 (Military Affairs)
Ronald & Eyvaine were invited as guest
Twins Publishing was represented by Ronald Lindsey at the end of the conference
Roland S. Martin (American Journalist/ Commentator of TV One and Host of Washington Watch)
BET Journalist
Mr T and the Lindseys'                  Dennis Rodman and Mrs. Lindsey  
2019 Book Event in Las Vegas, NV
For New Writers and New Authors
Convention Center April 13, 2019
2011 White House Invitation
2015 PG County, Maryland Book Fair
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