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My  Family Cookbook $9.99
Fallen From Grace $12.99
Freestyle Images $8.00
Shapes, Sizes & Colors
                    Ebook $5.00
This family cookbook consists of classical to traditional meals. Recipes from past generations to present day. Family cookbooks are unique keepsakes that will be passed down through generations of family members. The recipes in this book have a story to bring family history to life that captures the way African Americans ate to survive and to feed their families during war times and hard times. Documenting family recipes keeps part of the legacy of our relatives and loved ones alive. 
​​This fictional story begins in the 60’s with Boogalou. A sweet young girl whose life takes on different twists and turns growing up with her family in the Boogie Down Bronx. Bringing to life the band of outrageous characters from her out of control mother, her loving family and her best friend Ceecee. You will find yourself quickly attached to each character as you read this book. Elishia Shelene Diallo vividly recaptures the imagery of life growing up with laughter, mischief, angst, sorrow and joy.
​Ronald Lindsey is an author, humanitarian, entrepreneur and a former pastor of One United Prayer Temple in Waldorf, Maryland. He has served as assistant pastor in the Mid-Atlantic Diocese (C.O.O.L.J.C). He plays an important role as Instructor, Conference Speaker, Chief Executor and a Mentor. He also has many years of ministry experience as well as in Law Enforcement. This book tells the life story of a Christian and a Federal Police Officer who fell from grace for many years.
​In this book, Vince promotes an appreciation of various abstracts as beauty comes in all shapes, sizes, shadows and colors. The book illustrates elected images that are sure to become an invaluable reference for a conversational topic from the hobbyist to the professional.  

Rats on the Train is a novel story about a Rodentologist who has the job of killing rats around New York City. When mixing the wrong chemicals together it caused a chaos in the city like never before seen. Killer Rats start attacking many people in the city. The Rodentologist and his assistant has to figure out a way to stop the Killer Rats by coming up with a new poison. Rats on the Train is part of a screenplay horror sequel. The rat population in NYC alone is overwhelming. This sequel 2 book gives you the conclusion of how the rat population in New York subways was solved is coming soon.
This book will capture your emotions. It will make you laugh and it will make you cry. Once you start reading the first page, you will not be able to put the book down until the last page is read.

Author Sunni Barbosa is an author of several books that includes adult and children books.
My Family History Tree Book is one of the most rewarding challenges I have accomplished in my genealogy journey has been the completion of my family history book. I am extremely passionate about recording family stories. I have assembled information on my family history book. A written history of an ancestor containing several generations of family information going back in time before 1811.
Twins are unique in their own way. People idealize twins as having been the subject of myth and mystery and a source of curiosity to many. You might think that because identical twins supposedly share almost the same DNA, they must also have identical fingerprints. This book is a must-read for twins, multiples, researchers and professionals that are studying mental health and child development.
The Mighty Journey $14.99
Rats On The Train  $9.99
Civil War to 
Civil Rights $12.99
The Beautiful One 
My Family Tree Book $10.00
In My Twin's Image  $12.99
Keeping A Family Legacy Alive $16.99
The Ultimate Crab Cookbook $9.99
“Relationships Broken/ Then Mended” is a book that describes one young woman’s hurt and sorrow that she has been through while dating. Being in a relationship where there is no commitment can cause a serious wound, but it is when you give the relationship over to God it will be mended again.
Relationships Broken Then Mended 
Author Denese Carty
Paperback $9.99    Kindle $3.99

Civil War to Civil Rights is a fictional tale told through the eyes and remembrances of Civil War Majors in history that lead to a victory in 1865, followed by civil rights events.
The ultimate crab cookbook that will teach you how to eat blue crabs as well as many crab recipes for seafood lovers.
This book provides over 500 years of unforgotten African American history, which includes: slavery, social, economic, and political history.
My Daily Bread Christian E-Book Available for $5.00
This memoir book is based on life challenges of author Darrell L. Baker on how he has overcome adversity. The doctors told him that he has six months to live. He writes how he is a living testimony how man say one thing, but God has the last say.
 The Calling Within Me $9.99 plus $3.00 Sipping/Handling
Author Darrell L. Baker
$5.00 ONLY
$12.99 plus $3.00 S/H
Forbidden Seduction is the conclusion to Andreia Solomon Burke's first novel Relay-tionships. The story picks up in Brooklyn, New York where Lane King has returned for her mother's funeral. Clay Roberts, Lane's faithful boyfriend, accompanies her to Brooklyn for support, but what he finds is Lane's ex-boyfriend, Andre "Dre" Floyd, also wanting to offer his support and much more. Lane is confused as she's found herself having sexual thoughts about Dre, and urges Clay to return to Atlanta to look after his businesses. Reluctantly, Clay heads back to Atlanta, but not before Lane has asked him to do her a personal favor and assist her friend; the beautiful Southern belle, Faizon Hill, with her new clothing line. Faizon Hill has never been shy to go after what she wants or who she wants, which may spell trouble for Clay and Lane's relationship.